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December - GCEH Agenda   GCEH December Minutes (added 12-19-19)   GCEH October Minutes-Updated   MC2 Agenda   MC2 Meeting Notes 12-2-19 (added 12-19-19)   Homebase Presentation to GCEH on 2019 Statewide Homelessness Study   2019 Statewide Homelessness Study (links to MHDC Web site)   Warming Sites List 2019-2020 (added 12-19-19)

November - MC2 Agenda 11-4-19    MC2 Meeting Notes 11-4-19 (added 11-25-19)

October - GCEH Agenda   GCEH October Minutes (added 10-24-19)   MC2 Agenda   MC2 Meeting Notes 10-7-19 (added 10-24-19)   The Net Benefit September 2019 Toolkit   FY2020 Data Standards - GCEH Handouts   FY2020 Data Standards

September - WCC Conference Call Notes 9-12-19

August - GCEH Agenda   GCEH August Minutes (updated 10-7-19)   MC2 Agenda   Street Outreach Written Standards Final Draft 7-18-2019   KC One Roof Presentation (PowerPoint format)   2019 PIT Handout

June - GCEH Agenda   GCEH Minutes (added 6-26-19)   MC2 Meeting Notes June 2019 (added 6-26-19)   WCC Conference Call Notes 6-13-19 (added 6-26-19)   Emergency Weather Program Toolkit Outline DRAFT 5-8-19 (added 6-26-19, Word document)   MHTF Performance Measures Guide, Final Version 5-29-19 (added 6-6-19)   GKCCEH RFP for HMIS Lead Agency (added 6-26-19)   Final MARC Dates and Locations (added 6-26-19)

May - MC2 Agenda   MC2 Meeting Notes May 2019   Data Committee Minutes 5-21-19   WCC Conference Call Notes 5-9-19

April - GCEH Agenda   GCEH April Minutes (added 4-25-19)   MC2 Agenda   MC2 Meeting Notes April 2019   February Minutes--Final version (added 4-10-19)   Warming/Cooling Shelters Committee Notes, 3-14-19   JOHEGO Presentation   JOHEGO App Overview (added 4-10-19)   Discharge Policy (same as February version but with a corrected hyperlink to DMH CE Directory)

February - Agenda   GCEH Strategic Action Plan approved 7-2-18 edited   February Minutes   MC2 Agenda   MC2 Meeting Notes, 2-4-19   Discharge Policy   GCEH Home, Together and Action Plan (Word file)   EPIC Presentation (PowerPoint file)   HUD Homeless Assistance Awards for Missouri, FY2018


January - No Meeting (New Year's Day)

​February - Agenda   Handouts

March - Agenda   Minutes   Handouts

April - Agenda   Minutes   Handouts

May - Agenda   Minutes   Handouts

June - Agenda   Handouts

July - Agenda   Minutes   Handouts   Approved ESG RRH Written Standards   Approved Strategic Action Plan

August - Agenda   Minutes   Handouts

September - No Meeting (Labor Day)   MC2 Minutes

October - Agenda   Minutes   Handouts

November - Agenda   Minutes   Handouts   2018 Annual Report   Approved ESG HP Written Standards

December - Agenda   Minutes   Handouts


January - Minutes

February - Agenda   Minutes   Handouts

March - Agenda   Minutes

April - Agenda   Minutes   Handouts   Governor Greitens' Committee Appointments

May - Agenda   Minutes   Handouts   Member List

June - Agenda   Minutes   Handouts   New Mission Statement

July - No Meeting

August - Agenda   Minutes    Handouts 

September - No Meeting

October - Agenda   Minutes   2017 GCEH Annual Report (Nov. 2016-Oct. 2017)

November - Agenda    Minutes   Handouts 

December - Agenda   Minutes    Handouts    2017 Bylaws   2017 AHAR Report   MO AHAR Data Comparisons

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