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Statewide Point-in-Time Count (PITC) Data

Visit the web site of the Institute for Community Alliances (ICA) for statewide data from Point-In-Time Counts:

See below for an interactive display of the 2019 Point-in-Time homeless count (PITC) data for all Missouri Continua of Care (CoC). The display can be filtered by checking or un-checking boxes at the upper right.  Hover over the graphics to bring up further details on the data displayed. Hover over counties on the Missouri map to display county-level data (where available--see disclaimers, below).

Credit for display: Missouri Housing Development Commission


  • PITC data is not 100% representative of accurate counts of homeless persons and households.  By its nature, PITC data is a one-day snapshot of homelessness, and not representative of all the persons and households affected by homelessness over an entire year.

  • CoCs report data to HUD as an entire CoC, so some CoCs do not have county-level data recorded (as displayed on the map, below).

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