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GCEH Agenda

Missouri Statewide Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing


GCEH Agenda

MC2 Agenda

WIC One-page Handout

GCEH Minutes (added 11-23-20)


GCEH Agenda

MC2 Agenda

GCEH Minutes (added 9-28-20)

MC2 Minutes (added 9-28-20)


GCEH Agenda

MC2 Agenda

GCEH June Minutes (added 7-15-20)

MC2 June Meeting Minutes (added 7-21-20)

DSS Workforce Development Program Quicksheet (added 7-15-20). This information has also been added to the Additional Resources page.


GCEH meeting and MC2 meeting cancelled


GCEH Agenda

MC Agenda

GCEH February Minutes (added 3-16-20)

MC2 February Minutes (added 3-16-20)

Gateway Housing First presentation (added 3-16-20)



GCEH Agenda

GCEH December Minutes (added 12-19-19)

GCEH October Minutes-Updated

MC2 Agenda

MC2 Meeting Notes 12-2-19 (added 12-19-19)

Homebase Presentation to GCEH on 2019 Statewide Homelessness Study

2019 Statewide Homelessness Study (links to MHDC Web site)

Warming Sites List 2019-2020 (added 12-19-19)

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